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Salezeo is led by an experienced team

The Salezeo team has a real track record. The founders have over 15 years of experience in Sales, Business Development, Management, Software development, Finance, HR and Marketing.

Olivier Piscart
CEO & Founder

Olivier is an entrepreneur and a business developer with a passion: sales and the management of sales teams. He has 15 years of experience in sales of high-tech products prior to founding Salezeo. Previously he has founded two companies; a web agency in 2000 and an email marketing company in New York City in 2008 for the software publisher Emailvision.

Karin Olsson

Karin is Swedish and has been living in France for 10 years. She has worked in marketing and communication in high-tech companies in Sweden, France, Germany and the US for 17 years.

Olivier Candau

In 2006 Olivier became the CFO of Emailvision and contributed to the very rapid development of the leader in SaaS marketing software. He participated in several rounds of fund raising, organized the entry and exit on the stock market (Alternext) and the subsequent sale to an American private equity fund.

Stéphane Chaillou

Stéphane has spent 15 years in Research and Development of telecom solutions and information technology systems. Since his PhD he has held several management positions within the Orange group.

Our manifesto: "BREAKING THE WALL"

Break the Wall of Silence:
"Be proud to work in Sales"

Every person working in sales should be proud of their occupation. Sales reps are the key to the success of every company with an ambition to grow. This profession is sometimes caricatured and unfairly discredited despite its strategic importance.

Break the Wall of Information:
"Easy access to information"

Every salesperson needs easy access to information about their prospects. They need to stop wasting time searching contact details on the internet or in obsolete databases.

Break the Wall of Solitude:
"Open up for information sharing"

Every sales person needs to be able to share knowledge and information with others to gain efficiency. The sales person should not be alone facing clients and competitors.

Break the Walls of the Office: "Dispose of truly mobile solutions"

Every salesperson needs to be able to leave the office and still have access to all the information concerning his/her clients and prospects. He/she needs to be able to use an iPad or smartphone in the same way as they would a computer.

Break the Wall of Servitude: "Less reporting and more sales"

Every salesperson needs to get rid of time consuming reporting and updating work. They need to stop wasting time on unproductive tasks that should be automated.

Break the Wall of Standardisation: "Take time to listen to the client"

Every client needs to benefit from a personal approach responding to his needs. The sales reps need to stop giving standardised presentations that don't bring any value to the client. They need to be creative and to fully understand the clients expectations to meet their needs.

Our investors

Newfund is dedicated to the financing of entrepreneur-based high growth stories in France. Its subscription base of EUR 72M is made of entrepreneurs and French institutions. The fund was launched in July 2008.

« Nous avons été séduits par la pertinence et l'innovation de la solution Salezeo qui répond à un besoin primaire des entreprises : prospecter pour gagner de nouveaux marchés » Newfund

« La force de conviction et la clarté de pensée des fondateurs emportent l'adhésion à leur projet de croissance. Ce sont des atouts décisifs pour faire la différence » Didier VUCHOT, Chairman Korn Ferry

Our partners and awards

Salezeo is a partner of the principal French public and private economic development institutions and is committed to actively promoting innovation and entrepreneurial growth.

Salezeo was semi-finalist in the BFM Academy, finalist in the "Grand Prix de l'Innovation" of the city of Paris and selected by Microsoft for its Bizspark+ program.

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